Sustainable development

We place sustainable development at the heart of our concerns.
We are proud to be recognized as an environmentally responsible builder committed to sustainable development for ourselves, as a corporate citizen, and on behalf of our customers.

Our key figures

852051sq.m certified
17sites certified

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Taking care of our employees

As an employer, NG Concept attaches great importance to the health, safety and well-being of its 8 specific actions in this area are developed in our CSR policy.

Controlling the environmental impact of our logistics sites

As a partner, NG Concept must have actions and products that carry values.
14 actions are implemented to meet this objective.

Develop a sustainable relationship with our partners in the interest of the group

As a builder, NG Concept is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and the rational use of natural resources. 10 actions of our CSR policy aim to meet this commitment.

Our vision of sustainable construction

“Sustainable construction” and “sustainable building” are based on the principle that a building can be part of a responsible approach to sustainable development. The main objectives of this approach are the reduction of the carbon footprint, the sustainability of the building and the creation of quality living and working spaces.

Various certifications exist (HQE™, LEED®, BREEAM®, etc.) to meet the needs of project owners to attest to the sustainable performance of their buildings, in an independent and impartial manner, in the eyes of their stakeholders and interested parties: users, operators, investors, local residents, etc.

These certifications have their own identity but share the same essential themes for any sustainable building: energy management, respect for the environment, health and comfort of users.

In 2009, NG Concept launched a voluntary environmental certification process applied to the design and construction of logistics platforms. After the success of the pilot project in Ressons-sur-Matz (France) in NF HQE™ Bâtiments Tertiaires certification, and the relevance of the actions taken on the project in Dmitrov (Russia) to obtain LEED® certification, NG Concept has been committed since 2012 to a systematic certification process: HQE™ or LEED®, or according to the choice of its client. This choice was made with regard to the countries where the Group is present, the certifications that are recognized and applicable in logistics.

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Our quality commitment

NG Concept is certified ISO9001 since 2013. With this recognition, our teams have demonstrated their ability to meet the requirements of our customers and to maintain a high level of quality services and organization. This international standard is a key tool in our quality management system and reflects the long-term strategy of our Group. The management of NG Concept
is committed to maintaining this certification to contribute to the operational excellence that we aim.

FM Foundation

The creation of FM Foundation in 2017 is the result of our commitments and values and well beyond the Group’s management alone. The mobilization of NG Concept employees in support of professional integration and children is a tremendous catalyst for our collective.

The foundation favors projects of general interest located near our current or future sites.

Getting involved, getting mobilized are all things that allow everyone to give a different meaning to daily life in the company. This is also what characterizes our Group.

FM Foundation encourages the sponsorship of skills of the Group’s employees in order to multiply the social impact of the projects it supports.

Our certifications and partnerships

We have been certifying our client projects since 2009 (HQE™, LEED® or BREEAM®). NG Concept has also been a member of the BBCA association since 2017, works in partnership with CERTIVEA to develop the HQE™ technical reference systems and participates in GBCI Europe events to promote LEED® certification.

NG Concept and CERTIVEA signed a framework agreement in 2019, renewed in 2023, aiming to strengthen our partnership and committing NG Concept to achieve even higher levels of performance on its projects with HQE™ Sustainable Building certification.

Ressons-sur-Matz Phase 4, among our various certified projects

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