Our values


Each and every employee is important and deserves respect, consideration, and kindness. Trust allows everyone to be at their best: it releases energy and fosters both cooperation and resourcefulness. It is the cornerstone of long-lasting ties both within the company and with its clients and partners. Trust is given as a matter of principle and is nurtured by time.



The company’s long-term ambitions rest on lasting client satisfaction and the achievement of exacting goals. Such performance demands an everyday dedication to quality, safety, and continuous improvement. In their pursuit of excellence and with their collective commitment and reliability, the people are key to performance.



In an ever-changing world, the company must constantly reinvent itself and innovate to offer its clients the best solutions. Openness enables the challenging of preconceptions by the willingness to actively listen to stakeholders. It promotes win-win relationships by bringing about a spirit of partnership and fosters each employee’s curiosity, creativity, and initiative.

FM Foundation

The establishment of the FM Foundation in 2017 is the natural consequence of our commitments and values, which go well beyond the company’s leadership: the engagement of the employees of NG CONCEPT in promoting professional integration and child welfare is a fantastic catalyst for our community.
The foundation favours public interest projects in the vicinity of its current and future facilities.
To commit, to get involved, these are ways for all the women and men of NG Concept to give a different meaning to daily life in the company. This also is a hallmark of our Group.
The FM Foundation encourages skills-based corporate volunteering to augment the social impact of the projects it supports.


An ECO-friendly Builder

Managing the environmental impact of our projects.
Our convictions commit us to a sustainable development approach as a responsible corporate citizen but also on behalf of our clients.
Each stage of our projects comprises an environmental dimension. Whether in managing the environmental and social impacts of a project or in devising measures for the protection of the environment, our multidisciplinary engineering offers an array of integrated services.
As part of comprehensive actions, such assignments are carried out by a team of experts attached to a multidisciplinary project team in order to deliver full-service projects and works.
Over the years, we have developed our expertise, the skills of our employees have grown, and we are now a certified Environmentally-friendly Construction Company.
And today we are going even further, taking steps to be awarded the E+C- label, which is specific to energy-positive and low-carbon buildings, in the ongoing experiment with the RE2020 environmental regulation intended to supersede the current RT2012 regulation.
At a time when the stakes are mounting in relation to natural resources, the environment is a field in perpetual transformation, and strong responsiveness and genuine capacities to innovate are called for to be capable of acting respectfully towards the world in which we live and to future generations.

User experience

Building design does not only encompass technical elements, but treats workplaces as also being life places as they contribute fully to user experience and thus to the occupant’s productivity.
According to the results of the survey by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) published on 17 October 2018, more than 83% of employees working in LEED®-certified buildings say that their workplace improves their happiness, productivity, and their health and wellness. Satisfaction at the job is 93%.
By being mindful of the quality of life and of the technical solutions implemented to ensure good lighting and climate conditions, the design and construction of buildings contribute to a better experience for users and occupants.
This concern, which is a guiding principle in our work, has been recognised by the LEED® and HQE certifications awarded to our projects.