Instituted already in 2010, our charter of ethics expanded in 2018 to incorporate new provisions such as Duty of Care and to also fulfil client expectations.
These provisions also feature anti-corruption essentials.
Based on the legislation in force and rules of good conduct, this evolution of the charter is didactical in nature and expresses our values by defining, delineating and guiding practices. It sets forth a methodology for communication with our stakeholders, both internal (managers, employee representatives, and personnel) and external (inter alia through our Procurement strategy and the implementation of a policy governing framework agreements).
As a natural extension of this new charter of ethics, a whistleblowing policy and an Ethics Committee were set up alongside an internal audit system.

Operational performance

Our risk management strategy hinges on anticipation.
We manage risks by adhering to a process-based systemic approach. Introduced as part of our ISO 9001-2015 certification, this approach enables us to identify the main risks associated with our processes, guaranteeing their optimal anticipation.
It is our profound conviction that anticipation and processes yield an excellent solution to meet the various internal and external risk factors that may negatively affect the company’s performance. The annual review of our processes provides a regular assessment of risks, enabling us to respond accordingly.
This systemic approach involving tried and true processes covering the whole spectrum of our activities (technical, operational, HR, procurement, financial, environmental) bolsters our capacity to operate efficiently under the conditions where we apply our know-how.

Logistics flows and design

As real estate logistics engineering specialists since 1982, our teams analyse logistics flows and all related constraints. Our proficiency enables us to integrate these flows as early as the concept design stage of buildings, and in perfect harmony with their purpose.
Devised in this way, our solutions provide our clients with a truly efficient industrial tool that ensures competitiveness as well as the comfort and safety of the occupants.


The members of our teams are trained in sustainable construction and are experts in HQE™ and LEED® certification.
These employees with the LEED AP BD+C accreditation, and Référent certification HQE™ and Référent Label Énergie & Carbone credentials, all recognised by CERTIVEA, are professionals acknowledged for their proficiency in certification rules’ requirements and for their expertise. They undergo regular training and their credentials must be renewed periodically.
Our environmental certification strategy, set in 2012, is ambitious and global: all new projects must be HQE™ (NF HQE™ Tertiary Buildings or HQE Sustainable Buildings) certified in France and LEED® certified abroad.
And today we are going even further and are taking steps to be awarded the E+C- label specifically intended for Positive-Energy/Low-Carbon Buildings in the ongoing experiment with the RE2020 environmental regulation that should supersede the current RT2012 regulation.