A pragmatic approach to BIM

Since it operates internationally, on markets that are more mature in terms of digitalisation, NG CONCEPT enjoys an expertise that enables a smooth transposition on the French market of its know-how regarding key issues:

– Guidance of partner companies in the appropriation of digital modelling.
– Implementation of a “useful and adapted digital design” that satisfies the real operational needs of global steering and of BIM integration in the scope of an entire construction site.

In the design phase, a digital model helps to ensure the accuracy of drawings and blueprints and to anticipate potential problems in the coordination of the various building trades.
In the construction phase, BIM ensures better compliance with deadlines, hence minimising the risks of disagreements.
In the operating phase of a building, with a digital model retrieving the key figures for real estate inventory and subsequently generating calls for tenders becomes automatic. A digital model can generate automatically the required data without delay and at no extra cost.
In terms of building adaptability, digitalisation makes for a more flexible and efficient assessment of a facility’s future conversions.
Digitalisation means time gains and resource optimisation, and therefore operational excellence that results in immediate but also future financial savings through better value enhancement of built assets.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality

With our digital models we can project ourselves, by means of virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR), into a future building or a particular stage of its completion. We can thus afford our clients the possibility to appreciate the design and the functionalities of our creations at the earliest moment.

Future opportunities offered by digitalisation

While we aim at delivering facilities equipped with a building management system (BMS), it is important to delineate the function of such a system.
Today, BMSs are used mainly to monitor the metering of and to command lighting and air-conditioning equipment. We set the bar higher: our intent is to work on the treatment and analysis of the data collected in furtherance of our knowledge of the use of buildings and to continuously optimise their efficiency.

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