A word from Pierre Orsatti, CEO

NG CONCEPT is a design-build contractor who invests the know-how, skills and passion of its teams in the carrying out of innovative turnkey solutions in logistics real estate.
We provide continuous guidance to our clients, from the articulation of their needs to the translation of these needs into an operational reality. With a strong international presence, NG CONCEPT demonstrates its performance through its operational excellence that combines client experience, innovation, environmental responsibility and CSR while placing the human dimension at the heart of its concerns. To prepare for the future, we provide our employees with individualized support all along their career path. But preparing for tomorrow also means investing in innovation and digitalisation to anticipate evolutions in our business lines.
We also draw strength from our values : Trust, Performance and Openness.
We practice Trust on a daily basis. Respect and benevolence are the keywords in our company. Trust allows us to work in the atmosphere favorable to the professional and personal development.
Our operational Performance is based on working processes but mainly on communication efficiency among our employees. Fluidity of information, exchange of knowledge, sharing of experience are the base of our success.
Openness helps us to be open-minded to changes and innovations. This openness is also a part of our DNA, it makes us progress and allows us to address our challenges without any fear.





Land and real estate development
Scouting for locations, properties and real estate redevelopment opportunities - Relationships with owners, intermediaries, institutions and administrations - Project supervision and real estate acquisitions
Financial engineering
Project financing - Real estate financing packages
Preliminary studies, concept and cost appraisal
Feasibility studies and preliminary design - Real estate, regulation and environmental audits and diagnostics - Cost plans
Logistics flows analysis
Analyses of logistics flows and operational constraints - Integration of logistics as early as the project concept design stage
Building permits, industrial environment and approvals
Regulation and environmental audits and diagnostics - Obtaining administrative approvals for construction and operation - Environmental certifications - Sustainable development
Scheme design, including engineering consultancy and technical specifications
Implementation of innovative solutions complying with local regulation - Project sizing in all areas (geotechnics, structures, power systems and low current systems, HVAC and fluids, fire protection, equipment)
Construction works and construction site management
General contractor - Selection and monitoring of subcontractors - Supervision and coordination of construction works - Compliance with deadlines and budgets - Turnkey delivery
Property and facility management
Real estate audits - Preventive and corrective maintenance of buildings - Maintenance of buildings and facilities in operational condition

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NG CONCEPT is a member of the FM Group

NG Concept is a member of the FM Group, an international leader in logistics. Since 1982 we have developed specific expertise in the design, building and maintenance of logistics platforms.

With this expertise, NG CONCEPT can propose innovative and efficient solutions in real estate logistics unrivalled on the market.


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